About us

About our Company

GO FAST! is an Independent, Authentic, Lifestyle Brand in an industry full of corporate giants. On any given day, you can find a member of the GO FAST! Team skydiving, B.A.S.E. jumping, racing, cycling, snowboarding, and living The GO FAST! Lifestyle! GO FAST! is made for people who have a passion for living life on the edge.

Based out of Denver Colorado, GO FAST! was Est., in 1996, to support the lifestyle of sports enthusiasts. The GO FAST! Brand started by producing T-shirts and accessories for extreme sports with dealerships around the world.

Starting in 2001, GO FAST! adopted the philosophy that the GO FAST! Lifestyle, isn’t limited to the sky, but applies to the earth, the asphalt and the water too. GO FAST! then expanded to include athletes of all sorts, and became what it remains today: The Athlete’s Energy Brand.

No other company does extreme the way GO FAST! does! From GO FAST! Jet Pack Flights around the world, to B.A.S.E. jumping events, to breathtaking extreme stunts, and world records including: The GO FAST! Human Slingshot, The World’s Highest Reverse Bungee Jump, the World’s Smallest Parachute, The GO FAST! Jet Pack Flight across the Royal Gorge, The Fastest Free Fall, The Longest Motorcycle Ride through a Tunnel of Fire, and top it off… GO FAST! was also the first Energy Drink in Outer Space.

GO FAST! supports professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports, and those who just live a GO FAST! Lifestyle.

GO FAST! Sports and Beverage Company is not just a company…It’s a style, It’s a philosophy, It’s a way of life!

The GO FAST! Way of Life has expanded around the world to such countries as Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and with expansion into South America, The Caribbean, French Polynesia, The Middle East, and Asia. Worldwide people are realizing that GO FAST! is not just a company. It’s a style. It’s a philosophy. It’s a way of life!

We never slow down, and neither should you. That’s why we at GO FAST! want you to live the GO FAST! Lifestyle, with our lineup of: GO FAST! Energy Supplement, GO FAST! Energy Gum, GO FAST! Gear and everything that Goes Fast!