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Recently, the GO FAST! Jet Pack Pilot, Nick Macomber flew the Olympic flame on day 46 of the torch relay's 70 day route around the country. Nick Macomber, GO FAST! Jet Pack Pilot carried the torch while flying past the National Space Centre in Leicester on July 3rd 2012.

GO FAST! Jet Pack International Space Center 2012
GO FAST! Jet Pack International Space Center 2012
GO FAST! Jet Pack International Space Center 2012
GO FAST! Jet Pack International Space Center 2012

The awe-inspiring flights of the renowned GO FAST! Jet Pack have made World Records.

The maverick daredevil stunts have included, a world speed record May 10, 2009 at Scotland’s official motor show, MotorFair, by reaching a speed of 68mph in the hydrogen-peroxide powered GO FAST! Jet Pack. The conditions improved over the weekend and the GO FAST! Jet Pack was able to fight the 8mph headwind.

“I knew this was going to be a special weekend for breaking records,” said the GO FAST! Jet Pack Pilot. “Knockhill” is a great location and when the weather improved, it was all about Going Fast!”

The GO FAST! Jet Pack made history in November of 2008 when a new world record for the farthest Jet Pack flight was successfully made 1,500 feet across the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colorado, at an amazing 1,053 feet above the canyon floor. The amazing and jaw-dropping flight was seen the entire world over.


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